Multi-year loans Social Security ‘ex government agency’: purposes, rates and maximum amounts

Multi-year loans Social Security

The long-term government agency loan maintains its characteristics unchanged, essentially changing only the name, after the absorption by Social Security of the government agency itself. Identical, in part, also the application procedures, since it is inevitably changed above all the referent to whom to address the applications for funding.

Multi-year loan Social Security ex management government agency and not: direct or guaranteed

Multi-year loan Social Security ex management government agency and not: direct or guaranteed

The multi-year Social Security loan can always be requested in two ways and precisely:

  • as a long-term loan of 5 or 10 years of “direct” type or paid to support the costs admitted to the financing, which must be scrupulously documented (the needs for which the loan is requested can be both personal and documented). This makes the multi-year direct loan an intermediate solution between a personal loan and a finalized loan;
  • as a guaranteed multi-year loan, effectively returning as a salary or pension assignment, with a term always fixed at 5 or 10 years. In this case the limitation is given by the amount of the net fifth of the emoluments, while no justification should be given for its use.

Characteristics of the long-term guaranteed Social Security loan

Characteristics of the long-term <a href=guaranteed Social Security loan” />

The overall rate (Taeg) applied is 3.5%. The loan can be renewed if certain conditions are met:

  • for the five-year loan, a renewal for another 5 years but only if two years (completed) of the first loan have passed;
  • in the case of the ten-year loan for renewal, four years must have passed.

Possibly you can also request access to the small Social Security loan ex government agency, with restrictions on the monthly payments that can be requested. It is reserved for post office employees and associates.

Characteristics of the long-term government agency direct loan

Characteristics of the long-term government agency direct loan

The subjects registered in the unitary credit and social services management, by at least 4 years of service and the same period of payments in the fund (with certain limitations the employees with a fixed-term contract of at least 3 years) can request it.

For the determination of the maximum amounts the presence of the transferable quota (equal to one fifth) of the salary is always valid. The purposes of admission are the renovation works, or house purchase, but also the purchase of a car, health costs, etc.

The economic conditions are: Tan of 3.5%, plus administrative expenses: of 0.50%, plus the risk fund premium whose amount depends on various factors (age of the applicant and duration as well as type of loan requested) according to values ​​present in the table available in the regulation of the same Social Security.

Request procedure for multi-year loan Social Security ex government agency and not

Request procedure for multi-year <a href=loan Social Security ex government agency and not” />

In both cases the request must be submitted electronically by filling in the appropriate forms, which can be downloaded online. For the long-term government agency direct loan, the CRED3 form must be used.