Loans to pensioners: features and practical examples

Loans to pensioners – What alternatives to the sale of the fifth? Being a pensioner does not always allow the pensioner to enter the world of finance. A limit that can mainly concern personal loans, as retirees generally: they have no possibility of improving their income and financial position (unless they have a very high […]

Government agency car purchase loan: amounts and limits

  Buy a used or new car: how do social security ex government agency loans work? In case of car purchase you must have the following mandatory requirements: seniority of at least 4 years; a period of payment to the unit management fund, equal to 4 years. The amount of the installment will be determined […]

Long-term loan government agency: how do they work?

  Multi-year loans Social Security ‘ex government agency’: purposes, rates and maximum amounts The long-term government agency loan maintains its characteristics unchanged, essentially changing only the name, after the absorption by Social Security of the government agency itself. Identical, in part, also the application procedures, since it is inevitably changed above all the referent to […]

Small loan: how does it work?

Types and main general characteristics of the small social security loan ‘ex Government agency’ The small Government agency loan has “transformed” into one of the types of small social security loans , adding to that for employees of the Italian Post Office (former Ipost management) and associated companies. Between these two types of “small loan” […]

Social security retired loans

Personal financing for pensioners social security and Government agency The social security has stipulated some agreements with the main credit institutions, so by addressing them generally it is possible to obtain lower interest rates than those charged to other financed entities, the list can be easily consulted on the website of the social security (see […]

Small Loans: better banks, financial or Government Agency?

Small personal loan: how to get it quickly The term small loan means a small amount of financing provided quickly and with small installments accessible to anyone: private individuals, public, state, parastatal and retired employees. How to get it? To access the small loan it is necessary to have minimum requirements, among which there is […]