Loans without payroll: here’s how

Loans without payroll: here

The provision of a loan entails, for the credit institution, the assumption of the risk of insolvency of the debt itself, so that if there is no guarantee that reduces this factor, the loan will not be granted.

The pay slip represents one of the most appreciated guarantees by the banks, but only when it refers to permanent contracts, as they guarantee the continuity of revenue, and therefore feed the presumption that the debtor will have the possibility of being able to proceed with the repayment without any particular problems. It is no coincidence that funding with payroll but related to the work of atypical and precarious workers can be quite difficult to obtain. On the other hand, the pay slip does not represent the only form of “guarantee” that the banks can accept.

Financing without payroll but with guarantor

Financing without payroll but with guarantor

A good way to overcome the obstacles of the lack of a pay slip, or of a demonstrable income (such as happens in the case of loans for housewives ), is with the presentation of a guarantor who has a satisfactory income situation. Or, if you have a fair amount of assets (for example in savings, securities, bonds, etc.) you can access the forms of loan that the banks make available to their investors, so as not to push them to disinvest.

In both cases you can get loans without personal pay, but with simply different guarantees. Another type is pledged loans or lifetime mortgage loans. There is only one case in which you are not obliged to present any kind of personal guarantees (income, property, etc.), or the honor loan that is not accessible to anyone.

Get loans without payroll but with different incomes

Get loans without payroll but with different incomes

The only limit that those who have income other than that of dependent employment may face is to demonstrate a “consolidated” income, so that in most cases only Unico models of at least two years are taken into consideration.

Since there is still the “business risk” the banks tend not to consider the total sum of the net income, but they apply coefficients, so we must inform ourselves in advance, preferring those that apply less austere coefficients.

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