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Record low-interest rates and strong competition on the payday loan market have a positive impact on the cost of credit and loans. This encourages borrowing the money needed for Christmas expenses. Futher reading at

Unfortunately, the fact is that prices in stores are higher than 12 months ago, and the expectations of many people (not just children) regarding gifts are increasing from year to year. It is a good idea to start looking for a Christmas loan in advance.

That is why, in the first half of December 2018, we decided to check the best Christmas loan offers.

Almost everyone will find a free payday loan


The competition between lenders is very high, which results in an interesting offer for their clients. Under current conditions, a free first loan is a practical market standard. Our analysis shows that this solution is offered by more than 40 lenders. That is why virtually every Pole, as a new customer of a payday loan company, can find a free online moment for themselves.

Particular attention should be paid to the proposals presented in the table below. It regards, among others about the offer of market leader Honest Bank, who borrows for free up to USD 3,000 and offers low costs for subsequent loans. Across Lender, i.e. a loan service with a similar offer (also in terms of costs), competes strongly with Honest Bank.

The offer of Fine Bank also deserves praise. This lender will borrow a maximum of less than Honest Bank and Across Lender (USD 2,000 instead of USD 3,000).

However, it should be remembered that Thrift Bank does not check information from BIK and does not require income certificates (just like Honest Bank).

Even 500 USD can be divided into convenient installments …


Some people prefer to spread Christmas debt over a longer period of time. Good Credit, among others, has a special offer for such clients.

This increasingly popular lender is not only characterized by the varied value of its loans (USD 1,000 – USD 15,000) and the length of the repayment period (4 months) – 48 months).

It is worth emphasizing that as part of the promotion for new customers, a voluntary and total return of payday loan before the expiry of 30 days results in the lack of commissions, interest and all fees.

The Good Credit client, who, however, cannot pay the debt before the end of the month, will be comfortable paying off the debt in previously agreed installments. 

Sean Cole experts note that three other lenders also have favorable repayment terms. Loans regularly appear in the Sean Cole rankings because of their low cost.

Their owners can distribute even a small amount (e.g. USD 500 – USD 2,000) into many monthly installments. The praise also deserves the possibility of moving installments (Secure Loans), payment of funds at the post office and repaying two loans at the same time not.

The banks’ payday loan offer always remains an alternative


In the context of Christmas borrowing needs, it’s worth remembering not only about the propositions of non-banking companies. National banks have also prepared special offers. The following suggestions deserve special attention:

  • Winter loan 0 from Fine Bank, which has a zero preparation fee, interest rate of only 6.9%, free life insurance and an amount of up to USD 50,000 (note: mentioned the loan is available online ONLY for new Fine Bank customers). 
  • A cash loan from Fine Bank ,lski, i.e. a very well-known and proven product that stands out due to its low costs, high flexibility (USD 1,000 – USD 160,000 up to 8) repayment years) and a lower interest rate when applying online. 
  • The Good Credit Bank Master Cash Loan tempting customers with a fixed interest rate guarantee, low interest (from 3.99% – 4.99%), up to USD 50,000 and possibilities settle all online formalities or receive cash at the branch.
  • In addition, in December 2018 and January 2019 new holders of a Master Cash Loan can easily postpone installment repayment by one month. Check 

Customers of domestic banks can finance December costs of purchase also thanks to a credit card or personal account credit.

Persons intending to choose such a banking product with a view of Christmas expenses should remember that the costs of having a credit limit will be borne throughout the year (regardless of its use) ).

Loans to pensioners: features and practical examples

Loans to pensioners – What alternatives to the sale of the fifth?

Loans to pensioners - What alternatives to the sale of the fifth?

Being a pensioner does not always allow the pensioner to enter the world of finance. A limit that can mainly concern personal loans, as retirees generally:

  • they have no possibility of improving their income and financial position (unless they have a very high pension, and in any case well above the minimum or social pension);
  • they have a high age, with consequent difficulties in guaranteeing the repayment of the loan, especially in the case of medium-long repayment plans.

The speech is simplified if we consider the sale of the fifth of the pension, which always falls into the category of personal loans to pensioners, logically on condition that the limits set by the law are respected. The same applies to the multi-year ex Government agency loan accessible to those who have the minimum necessary contribution requirements to the Unitary Fund. We remind that generally the social security pensions paid for assistance or as a subsidy are not considered valid for financing purposes.

Pension grant: is it really the best pensioner loan?

Pension grant: is it really the best pensioner loan?

As we have said, the sale of the fifth in many cases may be the only way to follow to obtain a fair amount of liquidity even if it may not be the ideal solution from an economic point of view, especially if the insurance component remains the responsibility of the applicant.
The sale of the fifth of the pension was introduced in 2012 precisely to compensate for the difficulties encountered, when a certain age is reached, in obtaining loans (especially personal loans).
It is also often known as the sale of the fifth social security, a definition due to the fact that social security has entered into a series of agreements that aim to obtain less onerous conditions for its pensioners (regardless of the employment category to which they belong) by the banks adherents. But beware: the agreements with the Authority are not mandatory (their subscription is optional), so to take advantage of it, you need to contact one of the participating banks. The updated list of the various credit institutions can be found on the dedicated page of the social security website.

Loans for retired social security ex Government agency and not

Loans for retired <a href=social security ex Government agency and not” />

One of the advantages that only employees and retirees in the public sector had, was the access to the various forms of loan reserved for them, which made it possible to obtain considerable sums, despite the achievement of a fairly high maximum age, which had been set at 90 years.
Today the age limits have also been raised by some affiliated banks and not only. For example, OneCash is willing to go up to 80 years, Intesa Sanpaolo to 83 years, and DCF up to, and not beyond, 90 years.
To have updated information, however, it is essential to refer to the individual bank or financial institution, since even within the same financial group the age limits can be different.

As an example we can consider DCF and Astro (both belonging to the same Bankate group) for which we have the following maximum ages:

  • DCF: 90 years at the end of the plan;
  • Astro: 75 years always at the end of the financing.

However, even in the case of the sale of the fifth of the pension there are limitations, which on the other hand do not affect the salary-backed loans. In fact, pensioners can obtain sums, calculated not on the entire pension, but only on the part that exceeds the transferable quota, equal to the minimum social pension.
This leads to lower sums, and an additional formalism, since the pensioners themselves must obtain the document that allows them to certify their transferable quota. This is unless you contact credit institutions affiliated with the institution that can access the social security database electronically, simplifying the procedure.

Examples of loans for pensioners

Examples of loans for pensioners

  • Bankate : offers the social security Retired Loan, also intended for non-current account holders, with an amount that can be repaid up to 120 months (maximum age 83 years at the request and up to a maximum of 85 years upon expiry of the plan amortization) The maximum amount that can be requested can be between 3600 USD and 75 thousand USD;
  • OneCash : the loan can be requested with maturity within 80 years, for a maximum amount of 69 thousand USD and a maximum duration of 120 installments;
  • DCF : the deadline, as mentioned, is within the 90 years, the maximum amount is 75 thousand USD, and the duration also in this case up to 120 months;
  • Bankors : this loan can be requested by all social security pensioners (also formerly Government agency, ex iPost, and ex Enpals) provided that the amortization schedule does not exceed 84 years. Duration from 36 to 120 months (ie maximum applicant age within 81 years) and amount that depends on the certification of the transferable fifth depending on the duration, as a maximum threshold is not established;
  • Cleopar : the sale offered by the Milanese bank provides up to a maximum of 75 thousand USD that can be requested, while the maximum age of the applicant is 79 years.

The lifetime mortgage loan

The lifetime mortgage loan

To give pensioners even more freedom of choice in obtaining liquidity, an annuity loan was introduced in 2005, which has a special feature compared to other forms of financing: the pensioner will not have to repay the installments to repay the loan. The heirs will eventually have to occupy it, unless the pensioner himself decides to extinguish the loan early. The main requirements are quite simple. In particular, the pensioner must:

  • have already turned 60;
  • be the holder of a property that is given as a guarantee to the bank that provides the life loan.

The sum granted is calculated on the basis of the value attributed with expertise to the property reduced by a predetermined percentage (these percentages change from bank to bank and also depend on the age of the applicant). According to the updated legislation in 2015, if there are two owners, both must meet the necessary requirements and sign the contract. Some credit institutions can put another condition, namely to inform the heirs officially. We remind you that the interest will accrue on the sum financed until the applicant’s death. At this point the bank will offer two possibilities:

  • waiver of the heirs to redeem the given property as a loan guarantee, therefore sale and credit satisfaction;
  • redemption of the property by the heirs who will return the principal plus the interest accrued within the time stipulated in the contract.

Pension loan: the 2015/2016 novelties

Social security loan: operation news and useful information

<a href=Social security loan: operation news and useful information” />

Despite the continuous announcements, followed by rumors and denials, on balance the Italian pension system remains an open construction site, whose works were started in the 90s. The 2016 Stability Law ready for its approval, which will undoubtedly lead to some new developments, does not seem to have that decisive character, but is presented to parliamentarians, for approval, as yet another measure to calibrate the pension landscape in such a way to ease the pressure on the state coffers.

In this context, the ” pension loan ” is inserted, conceived since its origin, to plug the difficult situation of the exodates, for which a systematic and decisive provision is still lacking. What are the news related to this mode of “anticipation” of the pension for exodates, and what are the conditions?

How it works and the requirements

How it works and the requirements

It should immediately be specified that in its original formulation, which dates back to the government led by Letta, by the current minister Giannini, the operation was simple: the Social security would have paid to those workers who, having 55 years but no employment, a monthly check , as a sort of pension advance, with the aim of transporting them either to a new job, or to the retirement of the pension.

This advance had to be paid by Social security, and once the pension had been paid, the beneficiary had to return it (for an amount equal to two thirds of the amount received), through a deduction upstream that the same institution would have carried out.

However, those who benefit from financial support of any kind, including disability benefits, would remain excluded. Since then, when the State Accounting Office seemed to have given its approval, the project was resubmitted by the Dems, but with some modifications, which at least initially were fairly contained but which, during the work on the commission for its evaluation, are substantially increased to the point of distorting its functioning and range.

At this point only the condition of unemployed worker remains fixed (see also Loans without work and guarantees ), while for the other aspects there are many conflicting voices including the age limit which, in the latest proposals Pd could be raised to 62/63 years . Among other things, until adequate coverage is found (also essential for changes to the social security system as a whole), it is almost unthinkable that the pension loan is approved.

Social security or companies: who should take on the pension loan?

Social security or companies: who should take on the pension loan?

One of the latest innovations introduced would have wanted to entirely shift the burden of the provision of the pension loan to the companies, framing it in the mechanism that would aim to increase the flexibility in output.

Here there would be different proposals, even if a trend would involve both the Social security and the companies: the latter would take over the pension loan ( which has no bearing on the maturity of the contributions ), while, once the pension matured (the minimum age required by law), the pension allowance would be deducted upstream by the Social security for the share of the income contribution granted in advance, to then proceed with a form of compensation with the companies themselves (see also Microcredit ). A very disputed mechanism, since it would be the prerogative of only the largest and most economically healthy companies.

Government agency car purchase loan: amounts and limits


Buy a used or new car: how do social security ex government agency loans work?

Buy a used or new <a href=car: how do social security ex government agency loans work?” />

The social security ex-government agency members, who are also members of the “Unit Management of credit and social services”, can obtain financial aid, in the form of an government agency loan for the purchase of the car. This possibility extends to both the new and used car categories, and there are two possible alternatives (depending on the cost and type of car to buy).

The small government agency loan

The small government agency loan

Since this is a loan of limited amount and duration, it is better suited to buying a used car or if you need a smaller part to be financed. In this case you can choose between 12 or 48 months, at a rate of 4.25%. Since this is a personal loan, it must not be justified with additional documentation. This is a system that overcomes the limits of accessibility which are instead introduced for the specific form of long-term government agency loan which provides, among the possible causes, also the car purchase).

The long-term government agency loan: maximum 60 installments

The long-term <a href=government agency loan: maximum 60 installments” width=”635″ height=”518″ />

In case of car purchase you must have the following mandatory requirements:

  • seniority of at least 4 years;
  • a period of payment to the unit management fund, equal to 4 years.

The amount of the installment will be determined by: fixed rate 3.50%, plus operating expense of 0.50%, plus the share of the risk contribution reported in the appropriate tables. Obviously the entity of the installment will also be affected by the duration chosen to repay the requested sum.

As mentioned, unlike the small loan, you must document the purchase that you make, presenting the quote issued by the dealer (if it is a purchase with return or sale to the dealer of a car owned by the applicant of the loan, you must specify it in the quotation itself), together with the applicant’s self-certification.

The maximum amount funded is 20 thousand USD (according to the last regulation approved in October 2011), but before delivery, once obtained the communication with which the competent administration communicates that the go-ahead has been granted, the document must be shown authenticated certifying that the payment of the sum equal to 10% of the budget.

If it is a modified car for health or welfare issues (see also Loans for disabled and handicapped people ), it can also be purchased for a person linked by family ties (giving proof of both kinship and medical certification), adding the estimate that shows the ‘extra’ expenses to be incurred.

Long-term loan government agency: how do they work?


Multi-year loans Social Security ‘ex government agency’: purposes, rates and maximum amounts

Multi-year loans Social Security

The long-term government agency loan maintains its characteristics unchanged, essentially changing only the name, after the absorption by Social Security of the government agency itself. Identical, in part, also the application procedures, since it is inevitably changed above all the referent to whom to address the applications for funding.

Multi-year loan Social Security ex management government agency and not: direct or guaranteed

Multi-year loan Social Security ex management government agency and not: direct or guaranteed

The multi-year Social Security loan can always be requested in two ways and precisely:

  • as a long-term loan of 5 or 10 years of “direct” type or paid to support the costs admitted to the financing, which must be scrupulously documented (the needs for which the loan is requested can be both personal and documented). This makes the multi-year direct loan an intermediate solution between a personal loan and a finalized loan;
  • as a guaranteed multi-year loan, effectively returning as a salary or pension assignment, with a term always fixed at 5 or 10 years. In this case the limitation is given by the amount of the net fifth of the emoluments, while no justification should be given for its use.

Characteristics of the long-term guaranteed Social Security loan

Characteristics of the long-term <a href=guaranteed Social Security loan” />

The overall rate (Taeg) applied is 3.5%. The loan can be renewed if certain conditions are met:

  • for the five-year loan, a renewal for another 5 years but only if two years (completed) of the first loan have passed;
  • in the case of the ten-year loan for renewal, four years must have passed.

Possibly you can also request access to the small Social Security loan ex government agency, with restrictions on the monthly payments that can be requested. It is reserved for post office employees and associates.

Characteristics of the long-term government agency direct loan

Characteristics of the long-term government agency direct loan

The subjects registered in the unitary credit and social services management, by at least 4 years of service and the same period of payments in the fund (with certain limitations the employees with a fixed-term contract of at least 3 years) can request it.

For the determination of the maximum amounts the presence of the transferable quota (equal to one fifth) of the salary is always valid. The purposes of admission are the renovation works, or house purchase, but also the purchase of a car, health costs, etc.

The economic conditions are: Tan of 3.5%, plus administrative expenses: of 0.50%, plus the risk fund premium whose amount depends on various factors (age of the applicant and duration as well as type of loan requested) according to values ​​present in the table available in the regulation of the same Social Security.

Request procedure for multi-year loan Social Security ex government agency and not

Request procedure for multi-year <a href=loan Social Security ex government agency and not” />

In both cases the request must be submitted electronically by filling in the appropriate forms, which can be downloaded online. For the long-term government agency direct loan, the CRED3 form must be used.

Small loan: how does it work?

Types and main general characteristics of the small social security loan ‘ex Government agency’

Types and main general characteristics of the small social security loan

The small Government agency loan has “transformed” into one of the types of small social security loans , adding to that for employees of the Italian Post Office (former Ipost management) and associated companies. Between these two types of “small loan” there are common characteristics, which focus mainly on the criterion adopted for determining the maximum amount that can be requested and on the timing. In both cases, in fact, these are loans to be obtained within acceptable times to deal with more or less sudden emergencies.

Regarding the monthly payments that determine the amounts that can be requested and the duration of the eligible repayment plans, calculations are made on fixed multipliers, starting from a minimum of 12 installments, to reach a maximum of 48 installments. Below we see who can access it, how this calculation takes place and what determines the difference between the 12 installments or a greater number, up to the maximum that can be requested.

Small Government agency loan (social security ex management Government agency)

Small Government agency loan (social security ex management Government agency)

As mentioned the small loan is, in principle, repayable in a relatively short time. However, the limit of the sums payable remains in function of the availability of the sum that was put on the balance sheet. What does it mean? That the amount requested will be paid until there is coverage by the fund set aside specifically to grant this type of financing which, we recall, cannot be requested by anyone, but only by those who have specific requirements. In particular, the small loan can always and only be requested by public administration employees (including carabinieri and law enforcement in general) who are also registered with the unitary credit and social services management . So if you are a public employee but you don’t have this second requirement, you can’t request it.

Characteristics and duration of the small Government agency loan

Characteristics and duration of the <a href=small Government agency loan” />

Going into detail, the amount that can be requested is conditioned by the monthly payments received and by the duration of the repayment period chosen, which as mentioned above ranges from a minimum of 12 to a maximum of 48 installments, and is addressed to both workers and pensioners. Even more in detail the loan can be equal to:

  • one month for repayments in 12 installments;
  • two monthly payments for repayments in 24 installments;
  • three monthly repayments in 36 installments;
  • four monthly repayments from 48 installments.

The monthly installments that can be requested can be doubled if there are no other forms of loan in progress as a salary or pension transfer (so go from 1 to 2 in the case of repayments in 12 installments, from 2 to 4 for those with 24 installments, and so on, up to a maximum of 8 monthly payments).
It is possible to request a renewal for half of the previous periods (6 months for the 12 months, 12 months for the 24 months, 18 months for the 36 months and 24 months for the 48 installments). The increase in the number of installments does not lead to an increase in the rate applied which remains fixed for each duration and is determined periodically (for example, in January 2019 it is at 5% – Source: social security official website).

To better understand how we work, let’s take a couple of examples, starting from the same assumption, namely that of a public employee enrolled in the unitary management, who receives a net salary of 1500 USD per month. Nb These simulations were made with the official calculator provided by the social security site on 4 January 2019 which, however, is not updated as offered rate (4.25% instead of 5%).
Example A
It is decided to repay the amount requested in 12 months. So how much can you get? The small Government agency loan will be equal to 1500 USD, and for each month (according to the simulation offered by the tool on the social security website) you would pay an installment of around 127 USD (with the rate used in the tool at 4.25%) ;

Example B

It is decided instead to repay the amount requested in 48 months. So the small Government agency loan can be equal to 6,000 USD and for each month (according to the simulation always offered by the tool on the social security website) you will pay an installment of approximately 136 USD (as you can see the rate used in the tool is always at 4.25%).

Attention: the social security simulation tool can be used by anyone, not needing to register or insert pins. On the other hand, it can only offer summary indications, since it is not always updated, as can also be seen from the examples given. To get a real indication of the installment you will pay, you must proceed with the calculation within the personal area, using your credentials .

Economic conditions and how to apply for small loans Government agency

Economic conditions and how to apply for small loans Government agency

Early termination can be requested at any time without penalties and with compliance with relatively short technical times. The rate applied is equal to: Tan5% (in January 2019), plus administrative expenses of 0.50% and the related risk fund premium. The application must be made electronically and can be advanced, as well as following the forms and channels made available by social security, also through the Noipa self-service area .

To use the NoiPa self-service, accessible at any time, you must have:

  • the credentials for accessing the NoiPA portal, which consist of the tax code and the password chosen, with the addition of the personal pin to validate the various provisions; entering the data of the National Service Card;
  • a bank or postal current account on which the salary is paid and where the installments will be charged.

Time and processing of the practice

Time and processing of the practice

The times indicated on the NoiPa website speak of a timing that can range from 45 days to 60. Any delays can be due to various factors and in any case through the self-service area you can always see the processing status of the case, request information or receive updates such as:

  • Protocol number portal;
  • Practice number;
  • date of request;
  • amount Small Loan social security ex Government agency Required;
  • Rate Number;
  • State of Practice.

For this last item you can find the following wordings:

  • in progress: request sent and registered but not yet transmitted to the system or not yet booked;
  • wrong request: request sent and processed but not accepted;
  • renounced: request sent and withdrawn by the user;
  • incorrect waiver: cancellation request not successful;
  • Request canceled: request for cancellation of the request by the applicant;
  • request rejected: request analyzed by social security – management of former Government agency but not authorized;
  • amount disbursed: authorization and payment of the requested amount.

Government agency loan for child marriage: how does it work?

Child marriage: costs and conditions of the Government agency loan

Child marriage: costs and conditions of the <a href=Government agency loan” />

The long-term Government agency loan falls within the scope of the finalized loans, as evidenced by the obligation to present the necessary certification to prove the existence of the objective requirements that allow access.

As for the motivation of a child ‘s marriage (see also Best Marriage Loans ), there is a five-year loan which requires the possession of the same subjective requisites in general, and which we will summarize below.

Subjective and objective requirements for the request of long-term loans

Subjective and objective requirements for the request of long-term loans

First and foremost it must be a public employee, who has a seniority of at least 4 years and who has also registered and paid them in the Unit Management for a period of time not less than 4 years.

In the case of employees with fixed-term contracts, the seniority claimed is reduced to three years, but the duration of the loan cannot exceed that of the residual duration of the existing work contract.

As regards the objective requirements, on the other hand, it is necessary to show the certification attesting to the marriage (within a maximum of 1 year from the date of the celebration), or of the publications.

Self-certification is also accepted, with the possibility of checking documents after the request. The Government agency module can be found online in the modules section of the former Government agency management, or at the territorially competent offices.

Marriage loan characteristics

Marriage loan characteristics

The maximum amount that can be requested is 23 thousand USD, to be repaid in a maximum of 60 installments. This is a loan that can also be requested to cover the costs of your marriage.

The application can therefore be presented simultaneously by both the parent and the child, in the event that both are in possession of the objective and subjective requirements, but the total sum of 23 thousand USD in total cannot be exceeded.

The nominal annual rate is fixed at 3.5%, with the addition of a 0.50% for the coverage of administrative and fund expenses, as well as the percentage of risk coverage that depends on the duration, amount and age of the same applicant, according to the Government agency table.

The loan request can be renewed for each marriage of their children, as long as the applicant’s repayment capacity remains within the maximum limits of the installment / income ratio considered legal.

Social security retired loans

Personal financing for pensioners social security and Government agency

Personal financing for pensioners <a href=social security and Government agency” />

Loans intended for social security pensioners are nothing more than a fifth of the pension, which unlike the normal salary-backed salary formula, which requires compulsory “employee” status, can also be paid to those who have matured a pension as self-employed workers.

In addition, with the birth of Super social security, all types of pensioners, regardless of their cash, can now access them. However, there are limitations on the type of pension received, because some are not allowed.

Types of pensions not allowed as collateral for social security loans

Types of pensions not allowed as collateral for social security loans

The following services provided by the Institution are not counted and do not give access to loans for social security pensioners:

  • Pensions and social allowances;
  • Civil disability pensions;
  • Monthly allowances for assistance to pensioners for disability (accompanying pensions);
  • Income support checks;
  • Bank staff pensions;
  • Family allowances.

Features Pensioners retired from social security

Features Pensioners retired from social security

Those who want to obtain a loan must address their request to the territorially competent office of social security, which must be drawn up on the appropriate form (downloadable online or available at the same offices, requesting assistance also from the caf for the relative compilation) which leads to the release of the “transferability” certificate, or the maximum amount of loan payable (the maximum loan amount will instead be equal to one fifth of the pension as regards the installment to be repaid monthly).

The number of maximum installments obtainable depends instead on the age of the pensioner. The transferable amount is calculated, net of tax and social security deductions, and in any case so as not to touch the minimum pension amount.

This certificate must be presented to the bank where the loan application form will be issued. However, being a “transfer of the pension” there are no problems for the payment of the sums that fall within the transferable quota, as the bank is certain of the repayment of the loan, because the payment of the installments will be made directly by the social security which will pay the pensioner the pension net of the installment that is withheld upstream, while the relative amount is paid directly to the creditor bank.

social security Conventions and Government agency facilities

social <a href=security Conventions and Government agency facilities” />

The social security has stipulated some agreements with the main credit institutions, so by addressing them generally it is possible to obtain lower interest rates than those charged to other financed entities, the list can be easily consulted on the website of the social security (see also Guide to the site

In addition, former Government agency pensioners who are registered with the appropriate credit management fund, can access the one-fifth of the pension, which is part of non-finalized long-term loans, paid directly by the Entity on the basis of the amounts allocated by the fund itself, at rates particularly low.

Loan with survivor’s pension

Loan with survivor

A pensioner can request a loan without problems (be it a normal personal loan, a finalized loan or a salary-backed loan), except in some very special cases, linked to pensions paid by some social security funds of trade associations, and in the case of pensions which do not exceed the amount that can be transferred or which are obviously aimed at guaranteeing the existence of the beneficiaries (and therefore having a temporary and renewable nature).

The survivor’s pension does not have these characteristics, representing in all respects an “income” (formerly ‘from work’, and it does not matter whether it is a dependent or independent job) with a continuous character. Both characteristics therefore meet the fundamental requirements to be able to request a personal loan or a finalized loan. The access limits are obviously linked to the age of the applicant (spouse or child) and to the amount of the survivor’s pension, being on average 60% of the pension received by the deceased pensioner.

To whom to apply for a loan with a survivor’s pension? If you have the aforementioned sufficient income requirements, and the personal data, you can turn to any bank or financial institution, it being understood that it is better to choose those that provide favorable conditions on rates or on the maximum age (as for social security loans or linked to particular conventions).

Financing with civil disability pension: possible solutions

Financing with civil disability pension: possible solutions

The disability pension and the accompanying indemnity (depending on whether you are in the real disability or disability situation) are of a merely welfare nature, or are paid by the State to guarantee an acceptable level of subsistence and assistance. Given this particular nature, they do not fall within the “income” category. They also suffer from two very important requirements for using them to apply for a loan, namely:

  • they are not permanent, but are temporary, subject to revocation or renewal, following checks or inspections
  • their amount is not such as to guarantee obtaining appreciable amounts of financing.

Erroneously one speaks of pensions, since these are forms of indemnity that are not the result of an acquired right (for this reason they are also subject to revocation). So even for the sale of the fifth, despite the agreements entered into by social security for their pensioners, they are cut off from the possibility of being able to put them at the base of a request for a personal loan. There are only two alternatives: to present a guarantor, or sign bills, and be wary of those who say that they are accepted without problems, perhaps upon payment of a commission to evaluate the case.

Small Loans: better banks, financial or Government Agency?

Small personal loan: how to get it quickly

Small personal loan: how to get it quickly

The term small loan means a small amount of financing provided quickly and with small installments accessible to anyone: private individuals, public, state, parastatal and retired employees.

How to get it?

How to get it?

To access the small loan it is necessary to have minimum requirements, among which there is normally the presence of a demonstrable income (pay slip, Inps pension, government agency, etc.) and a good credit reputation, or not to be protested or bad paying. In the latter case, if you are a pensioner or an employee, you can still use the salary-back salary.

How to do without payroll

How to do without payroll

If on the one hand, despite the figure to be requested is obviously modest, obtaining them without pay is possible. Therefore, an income documentation attesting to the ownership of any income (even those “different” from financial products, rents, or self-employment, or apprenticeship) that replaces the pay slip can be accepted.

Is it possible without guarantees?

Is it possible without guarantees?

Any form of protection must be granted to the lender, so in an absolute sense, the loan application will be rejected without guarantees. But alternative solutions can be found, such as the one based on the pledge, or, in the final analysis, to use a guarantor.

Delivery times: are they fast?

Delivery times: are they fast?

These are small loans, the amount of which is generally between 500 and 5000 USD. Generally they are provided through revolving credit cards for amounts up to 3000 USD (which are practically immediate and ready to use), while for amounts between 3000 and 5000 USD the use of personal loans is preferred, and more rarely also with delegation and salary-backed loans. But the report “modest sum, speed of concession” is not always true, but depends on the type of credit policy applied by each bank or financial institution. It can in fact go from a minimum of 24 hours to a maximum of 48 hours. However, there is always a distinction to be made between personal and purposeful ones.

Better personal or purpose loans

Better personal or purpose loans

The answer to this question is strongly conditioned by the type of use to be made of the amount requested. However, the approval times make a huge difference, given that in the case of a loan required to purchase a good or service (thus aimed at a specific purpose) the answer can arrive within a few minutes, with an analysis that is not too fussy. .

Small loans government agency

Small loans <a href=government agency” />

This is a specific type, which indicates a sum of money that the government agency makes available to members of the unitary management of independent credit and social services, both employees and public pensioners, on the basis of matured minimum seniority and emoluments that they receive monthly. In order to obtain this type of financing, it is not necessary to present cost documentation, medical certificate, or provide any justification.

Can I get a loan without a paycheck?

Loans without payroll: here’s how

Loans without payroll: here

The provision of a loan entails, for the credit institution, the assumption of the risk of insolvency of the debt itself, so that if there is no guarantee that reduces this factor, the loan will not be granted.

The pay slip represents one of the most appreciated guarantees by the banks, but only when it refers to permanent contracts, as they guarantee the continuity of revenue, and therefore feed the presumption that the debtor will have the possibility of being able to proceed with the repayment without any particular problems. It is no coincidence that funding with payroll but related to the work of atypical and precarious workers can be quite difficult to obtain. On the other hand, the pay slip does not represent the only form of “guarantee” that the banks can accept.

Financing without payroll but with guarantor

Financing without payroll but with guarantor

A good way to overcome the obstacles of the lack of a pay slip, or of a demonstrable income (such as happens in the case of loans for housewives ), is with the presentation of a guarantor who has a satisfactory income situation. Or, if you have a fair amount of assets (for example in savings, securities, bonds, etc.) you can access the forms of loan that the banks make available to their investors, so as not to push them to disinvest.

In both cases you can get loans without personal pay, but with simply different guarantees. Another type is pledged loans or lifetime mortgage loans. There is only one case in which you are not obliged to present any kind of personal guarantees (income, property, etc.), or the honor loan that is not accessible to anyone.

Get loans without payroll but with different incomes

Get loans without payroll but with different incomes

The only limit that those who have income other than that of dependent employment may face is to demonstrate a “consolidated” income, so that in most cases only Unico models of at least two years are taken into consideration.

Since there is still the “business risk” the banks tend not to consider the total sum of the net income, but they apply coefficients, so we must inform ourselves in advance, preferring those that apply less austere coefficients.